Collection of 300 unique hand drawn NFTs living on Solana blockchain




Which side would you choose? Do you likes heroes or you prefer villains? Keep in mind that without villains the heroes would not exist. Join with us the endless battle between good and evil. Chibi Heroes And Villains is not just unique set of  NFTs but later you could read comics series and play cool play-to-earn game.

Where to buy?

Where to watch?


Chibi Heroes and Villains (CHAV) is a collection of only 300 unique hand drawn famous heroes and villains characters. CHAV is living only on Solana blockchain. Each of the character is rare and unique and there are no computer generated traits there. Each one is drawn by our artist.

We use special selling model where NFTs are put directly into market in batches of 5 – 10 NFTs few times per week. There will be no massive mint at all. The details on how to buy are described on our Discord.

At them moment NFTs are available solely on DigitalEyes marketplace.

We are releasing NFTs 2-3 times per week. The date of next drop is always announced on our Twitter and Discord at least 24 hours in advance.

The price will vary between 0.5 – 2.5 SOL depending on the popularity of the each character.

Each of 300 NFTs will be unique. Rareness is on the personal preferences of each person.

For the moment we are two NFT enthusiasts and one artist. As the team will grow we keep announcing more details.

Our work is fan art inspirited by pop-culture and well known characters through out the global media space – movies, series, video games, social media, legends and so on. This falls under the fair use legal doctrine which permits the unlicensed use of copyright protected works. However always do your own research prior to buying.

Road Map

 Phase 1 – Q4 2021

✓  Get verified on Digital Eyes marketplace
✓  Start with mints on Digital Eyes
✓  Build the website
⧖  Build the strong community
⧖  Enlarge the team
⧖  Release the 300 CHAV collection
⧖  List on other marketplaces

⧖ Phase 2 – Q1 2022

⧖  Enhance the marketing, attract influencers, promote the project
⧖  Release the comics series
⧖  Sell it on major marketplaces
⧖  Reward the NFT holders – holders of the NFT characters that will feature on corresponding  comics issue will share the % of selling royalties collection

⧖ Phase 3  – Q2 – Q3 2022

⧖  Get game devs on board
⧖  Release the play-to-earn versus card game – Web UI on our future web
      1. Heroes versus Villains
      2. Each character will have its attributes on Web UI
      3. Bet play or free play
      4. 1 on 1 or group play (2 on 2, 3 on 3)
      5. Players will receive upgrades, skills and experiences
      6. Airdrop of weapons, armors, power-ups
      7. Tournaments for valuable prizes

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